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Just starting out on Posterous – the personal social experiment!

I have been meaing to have a light hearted blog for just the stuff that is going through my head for quite some time now.

Being a busy PhD student who is constantly running behind deadlines hasn’t made it easy to finally start this blog – but today, on new years day (that is Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka) i’ve had enought time and presence of mind to reflect upon my motto for life once again which will hopefully be conveyed with the following words:-

Life is much more about the Journey, than the destination

At every moment, and every second this simple truth can be realised

Why not stop and feel where you are in time and space

Breathe in and breathe out again

Feel the essence within, and without

For removed of this essence we are nothing

Just mere names on a list

Like babies left without a mothers sweet kiss

Yes that’s why I constantly choose the brighter side of life

Not just because the harder side comes with more strife

But rather, I know the “paranoia” about what needs to be done is not true

Even though sometimes it is hard to let go of worries… it’s like taming the shrew

Instead I try to engage in the childhood laughter that I once knew so well.

Lucky for us, life offers this opportunity with each and every moment

So why not stop, listen, look and behold this glorious chance when it is near

With this I will return to my journey that I am so far enjoying along the way

Doing the things I must, as well as  the things that tickle my heart when it wants to play

For it is the joys of life that make it worth living

And it’s these toys of life that we can continue giving,

To ourselves and others, and of this I will not starve

You may not finish everything you start, but I feel it is still worthy to follow your heart

Yes there may still be plenty left up on the window-sil in the end,

But don’t worry about that, just think of the great journey you had – there’ll be no need to pretend!

And with each step you will get closer to your final goal, so there is no need to fear

That’s why I say embrace the journey well, hold it close and at all times hold it dear!

So I will leave you with the lines that help guide my life day by day:-

“Follow your heart and only your own dreams

As life is too short to live someone elses dreams”

For “your” very own journey can be the dream of dreams

Especially when you let it unfold, just see how it gleams!

So I just now wrote this poem because it was the best way I could express my views on life’s priorities, and my current (usual) dilemma of managing to satisfying my soul, by engaging in the domain of arts such as writing poetry, alongside doing what I really need to be doing this evening (which I will now commence) –  which is to finish writing a scientific research article that I have been working on now for months upon months.

This is why i need to investigate a quick and easy sort of blog where I can just send pictures and write next to at my hearts content.

You see my current other blog is a site dedicated to peace and unity in Sri Lanka and the world ( http://peaceandunity-bishan.blogspot.com/ ) . However, i usually spend some time thinking about what I write, before I write anything down which means that it goes unatteneded and gets neglected for months on end.

Here on my “bishans world” posturous blog, i hope to achieve just what the title says – a snippet of my world – mainly through images (and “imagery”) which is how i like to experience the world. So there will be lots of photographs. I aim to protect my subjects who appear in this blog however sometimes it is not possible to get consent of everyone who is in my photographs in advance – so please let me know if you don’t want you photo up there!

The other thing I aim to have is prose such as this, and poetry because I feel this is the best way for me to express the multitude of things that cross my brain waves and emotion centres at any given moment in time.

This site is not just for you, but for me too – and very much an experiment – I luuuurve experiements (especially social ones where I am the subject) so I think i’ll enjoy this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Peace on Earth

And here’s to a bright and magnanimous future for us all!


[First blog entry, from Kandy, Sri Lanka1]

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