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Who am I ?

I decided to have this post to say a little bit more about me than was on my profile, but I didn’t want all of this there all of the time – so here goes:-
I am a free spirit who likes to fully engage in life because I believe this way we can learn the most, live the fullest, and love in the best way – “Live Love and Grow” this what I wish for myself and others!
I am a medical doctor currently working in Sri Lanka doing a PhD to do with changing behavior in clinical practice regarding pesticide poisoning, and resuscitation.
But I am also an anthropologist in disguise who likes to understand the beauty of different cultures – as well as applying this knowledge to try and help what I consider the real challenge the we all face in this world – interpersonal conflict.
Through the arts we have the best view of science, and through the science we have the best understanding of the arts which is why i embrace both equally and would call “dance”, and “music” my true passions.
Photography is also something that I have been drawn to and love to practice. Some of the fruits of my practice will hopefully be displayed here for all to enjoy
So in my quest for living a fun but peaceful life I hope I will find answers and solutions that may help us all.
I hope you enjoy the blog!

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