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Another 48 hours … in Anuradhapura

The last 48 hours in Anuradhapura have been an intense time of personal and world discovery. It is the world discovery that I would like to share here and represent with pictures. 

Despite being in and out of this beautiful ancient city for the last 3 years, I have only seldom visited the ancient ruins and places of worship that make Anuradahpura such an amazing and magical place, and also give it the rich cultural heritage that it has a reputation of having. At the moment I have a friend and colleague who is visiting our group, Tim from Montreal Canada, and consequently I have acquired a new roomy in my humble abode (ie “the study house” in Anuradhapura). Also because of Tim’s visit I been fortunate enough to be stimulated to show him some of the the sights. So here are some pictures of the things we’ve seen within a few kilometres of where I live – I’m really lucky eh!?. 

The teenagers shown in some of the pictures were really eager to get their photo taken and because they came out well I decided to post them (i’m sure they won’t mind). They were from the south on a pilgrimage to see Sri Maha Bodhi (one of the main religious sites here  – a tree over 2500 years old which is reputed to be from a sapling of the original tree that Lord Buddha meditated under and attained enlightenment). One of the teenagers had the same name as me, ie  “bishan”, and it was the first time I had met my namesake in my life – a special day indeed!

I hope you’re all well

Ciao for now!


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