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So what’s the “Uthseveya” really all about?

I just had amazingly fun and interesting Sunday!

Basically we went to see a friend of mine at her village Awrudu Utseveya – which is a festival that is held around the “New Year” time and where lots of games are played. Some of these games include the “climbing the greased up truck of a palm tree” and the favourite “pillow fight over a muddy tank game. The later is shown in picture below. Tim, my mate the Canadian Emergency Medicine resident accompanied me for a duel to the death (or “fall in the tank” as the case may be!). Sri Lanka definitely triumphed over Canada in this duel (much to the delight of the local village community), however, Local Sri Lanka triumphed further over the ‘Kalu Sudah’ (coconut) of New Zealand!! [ie “ME”],  again more to the delight of our locals – who were super- friendly!!!

Then we met more friends and had a swim in Nachiyaduwa tank – beeeyeauuuatiful!

Then we headed back to the homestead and gave the research assistants a going away party – something i’d been planning for a while and it all went well! 

Great day. 
great fun by all !

Thank you!!

Now gotta get up for a workshop at 6 am tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “So what’s the “Uthseveya” really all about?

  1. wow …what a day..it most have been so funny for you boys…wish i was there and play white you guys….he he..Bishan good work…i like it….kiss from Lusanthi

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