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From Anuradhapura to London – the next phase begins…

Well I’ve been in London a week already and really hit the ground running! But it’s wonderful to be here catching up with my bro again and embarking on this 10 year re-union journey to London.

Why is it a 10 year reunion? Well, basically 10 years ago, back in the summer of ’99 me and my brother deferred from our conventional jobs of surgical training to go and explore the world and what it had to offer. We always intended to go back to the mainstream training (which we did in our own ways, as my brother has finished his plastic surgical training now, and I am still on the program for emergency medicine) but we knew in our heart of hearts that the journey going “off the beaten track” would teach us oh so much more than we could have ever learned following the crowd! So we set off on a world-wind journey and started with a small village called “Antigua” which was in Guatemala. Heree we learned  to speak Spanish, and the rest is history as they say. Good times, and some not so good times, took us through central America, the Carribean, USA, and of course London and Europe. This journey and many that followed in that year defined much of our perspectives for the years that followed, and to be honest I never really lost the spirit of that trip which was all about living life to it’s fullest at every moment possible – so here we are 10 years later, reconnecting with that spirit!

The last few days before leaving Sri Lanka were manic to say the least, but also incredibly interesting. There were a string of leaving parties and leaving functions in Anuradhapura which really touched something deep within. The funky impromptu leaving party that Nadeera and Rajeev’s inspired me to have and helped me to put together at their place was the ‘icing on the cake’ -here we pulled out the “cousin party power” card to the max, and with the help of Jehan and his friends –we had one pumping Jam-session! Thanks guys. Also, the farewell to my family in Kandy was great, where I did a “tag-in, tag-out” act with my other cousin who has just got back from her foreign training in Australia. And then the “family train” continued to be ridden as I was greeted on the other side by my brother and Sandra!

The trip from Colombo to London was seamless. Neel drove me to the airport from Kandy –and he even bought me a gift!  How touching ! Especially considering that I had crashed his car at least 9 times in the 3 years that I had been renting it from him- I would have thought he’d be glad to see the back of me!! What a nice guy!

So goodbye, or Ayuboawan Sri Lanka – and hello London!!   


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