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Hyde Park Jam – Speakers Corner!

The last week in London has been quite an adventure. Thehighlights have to include the weekend catching up with everyone going to theDuran Duran concert, but one thing that probably needs a special write up isthe “speakers corner gig!” for it was something quite unique for me!

Speakers corner is heralded as one of the greatest places inthe universe (actually this is what I read about it!! http://www.speakerscorner.net/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5&Itemid=6) But to me I’ve always been intrigued by the concept behind speakers corners –which provides an open forum for no matter what your background and where thereis a potential for endless dialogue. Those who know me well, know that I loveto talk, and at this point in time I feel like I have much to share – sospeakers corner was it for me!

Actually, speaking at speakers corner was a dream I had inJune this year. One day, when I was sitting at my study house desk inAnuradhapura, trying to analyse data for a project that I had finishedcollecting data for one year previously I had the idea! It was a painful timeas there was much mental anguish surrounding the difficulty of the work (for meanyway), and the thought of speaking at Hyde Park gave me some inspiration.

So the seed of the dream was planted and it grew, silentlyat first, for I didn’t even know if this trip to Europe was going to be apossibility. However, I stuck to my dream, and with a lot of help from friendsand family, it came true! I came, I saw, I spoke, and then I spoke some more.

I am so grateful to my amazing support crew of family andfriends who I couldn’t have done this without, starting with Yo and Sandra –who were the dream team from the beginning, and then Davina, Annabelle, Laki,Sud & Tisha, Su, Dan & Kelly. You all really rocked for me!

There was fear, excitement, anticipation, interruption, andoffcourse lots of joy and laughter, and later sandwiches and champagne (thanksAnnabelle).

Basically, I got up on a ladder and spoke, and even stood onmy head! Some were pleased, some were moved, others unimpressed andindifferent. However the most important thing was that I achieved my dream andI am so grateful for that!

So what did I talk about?!

I talked about “the importance of following your dreams”,and how they CAN come true if one believes strongly enough and works hard enough,and has help from others! I also pointed out that this was illustrated with mycoming from Sri Lanka to London and actually talking at Speakers Corner – whichwas my dream!
The other thing I talked about was the concept of “lifebeing more about the journey than the destination”. In today’s society everyoneseem to be so focussed on running the rat-race, thus we must make a specialconcerted effort to try and find out ways to follow our hearts and our owndreams instead the establishments dreams.

After my initial 7 min speech, the support crew and Icracked open the champagne (even though I don’t even drink alcohol anymore!)but all in good spirit (excuse the pun).

Thereafter I found myself talking with a crowd again, andwith the help of the crew we managed to momentarily upstage the 60 somethingyear old determined lady who was speaking to the right of me to a large crowd.She was busy having a furiously heated debate about how “all foreigners shouldgo home” with her crowd, whereas we did a team-building exercise of “laughingtherapy” that was so contagious that even a satellite group of people hadstarted doing it amongst themselves when our audience had stopped!

So all in all it as a fantastic gig, and I think it was forall of us– so thank you so much to my family and friends who believed in me!!

Afterwards we all went to the Columbian street festival atSouth bank and all hung out with the good vibes by having a balcony meal at Gabriel’sWharf.

Good Times, Great People – rock on!!


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