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Andalusia in the Summer of ’09

Hi all – “Kali-mera” from Greece!

We just finished a week of summer sojourn in southern Spain and I wanted to write a little something about this because the experience we just had was so amazing! 

I also wanted to write something to express the sincere gratitude I feel regarding the warmth and hospitality that I have just experienced from Sandra’s family in this wonderful corner of the globe – Andulacia

Andalusia in the Summer of ’09 :-

Andalusia was like a dream!
It gave us much more than at first it would seem.
From the very minute we arrived,
We were looked after with such pride,
And taken for one great glorious ride

There was food on the table 
and caring in the air
The “barrio” (neighbourhood) atmosphere was great
Everything happened so late!

Things occurred in the most laid back way
It made you just want to stay!
And sway in the warm summer breeze
Drinking cold cerveza’s as you please [**even if they were “sin alcohol” for me]

Also trips to the beaches just kept coming, 
And all the time the weather was “sunning”
Giving us the warmth that we desired so badly,
After London we accepted it gladly!

Everywhere we went, 
All the people we met,
The warmth showed on the “inside”
And of course the importance of “family” was large and wide

There were Abuelas (grandmothers), Primos (cousins), and Tia’s (aunts)
Fathers, mothers and brothers,
And of course the “chiquititos”, least we forget 
For these little ones were the greatest gems of all!

Finally there is one more thing to say,
The food we tasted was Divine!
Even though i don’t “dig on swine”
Because even as a “Vegitareano” I was still “sweet” [NZ for “okay”]
As southern Spanish food was  such a treat!

So we say thank you to you all
For we had a real ball!
Alberto, Paki, Paco & Anna, 
Lorena, Kiki, Emilio and Juliana
Pepe, Rosamari, and all the others
Thanks you so very much
For that amazing special touch!

Hasta luego! 

(** seeing that I don’t drink alcohol anymore I thought this whole beer drinking culture of Europe might be a problem for me, but no… i was wrong, the Spanish have thought of everything to keep us out partying and having a smile on our faces – it’s called “Cerveza sin alcohol” – beer with no alcohol – so i still managed to have a my “cerveza frio” (cold beer) for old times sake!)


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