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Universal Love – Valentine’s day wish!

So after a long blog silence I decided to pick today to write an new entry 

Just a co-incidence? 

No way – there’s no such thing in my universe! 

I think Valentine’s day is a good one to get off your butt and write some, after all I regard it as a special day. Not because of the commercial aspects of what this days seems to have become for many, but rather because of what I choose to see in it – a celebration of love – the most important energy that we have free access to. 

I’ve been meaning to post something for so long, but I am always waiting for the time to polish things up before pushing “send”, perhaps this is the plight of an in-experienced blogger!? Or is it the plight of a guilty PhD student? 

Oh well, in brief, i’ve been back to Sri Lanka for one last trip, and had a family ‘holiday of a life time’  – so good to re-connect, and much need after a what has been quite an intense final leg of the PhD journey (which I am still on). 

Apart form touring around with my close ones, I have also made great conceptual progress in the whole putting together of this Thesis and I thankfully feel ‘on track’ although i must say i am constantly feeling like I should be doing more. Currently hanging it out with old school friend Vish who has a ‘great pad’ in Bondai Beach perhaps doesn’t help with the feeling of guilt – because the beach has been beckoning! 

However, surprisingly the work has also been flowing over here. Today i finally finished the paper i’ve been working on for longer than I care to admit. This proved two things to me, ‘life is not a race’ (but unfortunately we live on a racecourse) and never, ever, ever give up cos you’ll get there in the end,  and finally – ‘always’ stay positive, or at least stay as positive as you can!

So today is Valentines day and it has been an interesting one so far! The only romance has been in my own mind, but interesting all the same. I can’t complain thought because life has been treating well. And now about to see Avatar 3D with a few friends, and i’ve heard it is good. 

So in the spirit of love and romance here is my valentines message to the universe – I know it is ready to receive!

I hope you all have a wonderful and romantic Valentines day. Don’t forget to use a little extra love today – it is the greatest force in the universe after all!

Love is the Greatest

Love is the greatest force in the universe
Untapped and oozing in potential
It can be received like the ripened fruit on a bountiful tree
We can accept it, and accept it with glee

With love by our side we can go forth and do the impossible
Without this force it will be hard for us to do anything
For there will be fear and guilt
The nemesis of living

Instead we should choose the answer of “giving”
And to do this we need to use love

Love can be given as well as received 
It has no rules
It is both simple and complex at the same time 

Love is my mission in life.
It allows me to overcome my strife,
Which usually runs rife,
In this deluded existence

Luckily when I come back to basics 
And try a different perspective

LOVE is there 

Like an old friend who has never left
Peeping at me from the side
Waiting to be invited into the centre

Love is the key to happiness 

You do not need to look for love happiness when you are coming from there.

So look for your LOVE within
And when you find it, 
Don’t be afraid, let your love sing

Love is the greatest force in the universe
So why don’t we start using it today? Right now, right this second?
If we do, we can see what love will bring?
So engage with your love and then wear it like a ring.

Love is Supreme

Love is Divine

This is your sign

With love you will shine.


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