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The aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake

When you see all the destruction and the pain,

It all seems like rain,

Everything is in vain,


But this is not the case,

For there is another side to this race,

The movement that is happening right now,


From the rubble and the hubble of destruction,

From deep within the demise,

Something else is waiting to rise.


It may not be easy,

It may not come quickly,

But it will come,


For the strength of the human spirit is unbreakable,

It is unshakable.

Even by the wildest quake,


So let us support in what ways we can,

Even with just a thought or a prayer,

Is still something to show that we care,


To show them that we are all aware,

And that we are all connected by each other’s plight,

This is a common quest for the night,


For after each night is a new dawn,

And even with a tired yawn,

We can start once more,


And together we will rise once again,

It will be like a reignited flame,

That was burning all along,


This is the new song,

In a world where we help each other to be strong,

Don’t worry Christchurch… your troubles will again be gone.




Looking at the images of Christchurch and the devastation that occurred 1 week ago. It is so terrible to see, and hear of the tragic ways in which so many lost their life (150 people I last read). But at the same time as feeling the pain and grief, that were described by so many friends on facebook, I feel there is a strength that has arisen that will move us all through this. The burden is always less when shared, and now we can connect so much more than we ever could before. 

I remember well the pain of hearing about the Asian Tsunami in 2004 and how I felt back then, wanting to go back to Sri Lanka and do something, but not being able to at the time.

The whole world is affected with any natural disaster on this planet.

One of the good things about us becoming more and more connected, by social networks like facebook, or the internet, and increased immigration is that now there is a greater ability for us to be aware of events ino other parts of the world, and for us to help each other. With this increased connectivity perhaps comes a new global community of caring and sharing?

I am sure the world will help Christchurch and New Zealand in general will pull through this one, with a little help from our friends. 


I made a donation because I know every little bit counts and helps. I also know that donations don’t just come in money, even words of support, thought and feelings have their own helping effect.

On a positive note, I heard from some of some of friends working in the health system in NZ that health workers are rising to the occasion all around the country. I also heard that the relief workers have been fantastic, both locally and ones who have come in from overseas.

I would love end this post by quoting on of my dear friends Julie with an excerpt of her email that she sent me from Wellington recently,  “It is unbelievable to have this on our back door step – frightening.  It is heartwarming though how we pull together as a country – I love being a Kiwi!”

Good on you Julie! – I love being a Kiwi also! (even though these days I call my self a “New Lankan”, or a “Sri Zealander” 🙂


Keep going Christchurch and New Zealand – you’ve got the whole world behind you!


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