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Visualisation of academic success

I can see the end product,

The goal is here,

The final chapter is near,

The graduation bells sound clear,

All I have to do is move beyond fear,

And I am moving forward,

Enough too-ing and fro-ing!

For now it’s time to steer where I am going,

After all, “this” is the key to personal growing,

And moving into a greater knowing.

18-1-12  Sitting in the Chiefly library and confronting my old friend “procrastination” and my old obstacles of completing on time. I realize that all I have to do is write an email and press send and be happy with less than perfect material.

I am also going to look at what I fear most in the eye and be still, and realize that it wont kill me. I am just going to try and put it all together in the best possible fashion, create a plan that I am happy with and work towards it. This is the real goal of this final chapter of the PhD – to create a plan that “I”am happy with in a timely fashion, and then to execute!

To get here I have to painfully read through what I’ve written and first appreciate it for the good points, but also  go back and edit what is obviously out of kilter. 

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