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Valentine Valentine


You have arrived 

With your love and tenderness 

In this lofty wilderness 


What is love about 

If not for us to realise

That we are all one


Every single one of us

All the children in this world

Because we are all children

So I heard


Valentine Valentine


You are here today

And Winged Cupid is ready to play

And aim on those who try to escape

The arrow will not miss its prey


All men and women

And those in between

For every living being

Underneath the starry ceiling


Valentine Valentine


You have come again

To leave us your message

To teach us the way

Of Love and friendship


For a moment be still

For a moment be aware

Of the one beside you

Of the Love we share


Valentine Valentine


Stay with us 

And hold our hands

We are children after all

We might slip and fall


So be kind

We are all learning

We are all yearning

To unwind




14-2-12  Anonymous


Another Valentine’s day Poem about love and friendship – and a really nice one – thanks for sending. This one seems to personify the act of love and what loving can do for us, perhaps it is a way of relaxing and unwinding? What do you think?


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