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Article on how “locuming” solved one Physician’s battle with burnout!

This is a very interesting article I found on “KevinMD.com” which is about a Neurosurgeon, Duane Gainsburg MD, in the US who moved to locuming to create a better work life balance.

He had some good definitions of stress and burnout;-

“Stress and burnout are often lumped together, but they are distinct processes. Unlike stress which is associated with over engagement, burnout is characterized by disengagement, blunted emotions, depression, exhaustion which affects motivation and drive, and demoralization. Stress produces a sense of urgency and hyperactivity, while burnout produces a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.”

And these quote really struck a cord with me, particularly the statement I have put in bold;-

“In private practice, I had the pervading sense that because of all the distractions and competing agendas I wasn’t able to deliver the best care I was capable of.  There was an underlying layer of guilt, and of missed professional opportunity.”

Now, I’m paid for the time spent taking care of folks, rather than for how much I can bill for this or that procedure. It’s a four-way win – families benefit from improved relationships with their doctor; I benefit professionally from the satisfaction of providing excellent care no matter how long it takes; the hospital benefits by providing continuity of care and consistent coverage, and I benefit financially by the time I spend in direct patient contact, whether in the operating room, emergency room, intensive care unit, etc.”

And my response to the article was that I was happy that he made a choice to honor a healthier work life balance as I myself am a great believer that when the doctor feels healthy and balanced (physically, psychologically and spiritually) then they will be able to deliver better “care” to their patients. 

Great article – good on him for having the courage to write and share this with a larger audience!

Thanks Bish:)

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