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“Connected” the Movie


I just watched the movie “Connected”, by Tiffany Shlain and there were many themes that resonated with me. Perhaps the theme that most resonated with me was the concept that genius lies within the “integration” of left brained (analytical) function and right brain (artistic) function, and the advent of the prominence of literature lead to an overdevelopment of the left brained activity. The movie also spoke of the interconnected nature of existence, and how science has divided and separated everything into disciplines which has made things problematic.

I walked away feeling that my own theories have at least to some degree been echoed in one film maker and one neurosurgeons projection of their minds, or at least my interpretation of it.

After the movie I had some very open-minded conversations with the folk who attended this www.wakeupsydney.com.au event, including a group of people with other diverse backgrounds whom I discussed impressions of the move with afterwards. We all seem impressed by the movie but had different reflections. One lady whom I talked to, with kids of her own, commented that she liked the movie, but also wished that it impressed “more” that the internet and social media revolution may be decieving us by leading us to feel connected on the surface, but really lacking the depth of connection that we once had when face to face was the main way that we interacted.

This film doesn’t really provide answers to the questions of today, as Jono Fisher, the organizer and founder of ‘Wake up Sydney’ events suggested, but it certainly does provide valuable perspectives and a platform for discussion which was encouraged by the twitter hashtags #connectedthemovie and the facebook page (‪http://www.facebook.com/connectedthefilm ) suggests. I think it is a necessary and interesting discussion.

I believe the concepts in this movie affect all of us no matter which field we work, and especially for those of us in education, healthcare and academia, because it is all about how we use our mind, how we process and share information, and how communicate with one another. However, at a deeper level perhaps it provided us with a potential view of some of the tools of how we can tackle solving the problems of todays world, and on a more sober note, how this challenge is something that we can no longer ignore.


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