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Too much to think about?

Think a little,
But not too much,

For when you think too much,
You worry,

And when you worry,
You forget to ‘try’,

And instead you cry,

The tears of fear,
Instead of letting solutions appear!



I wonder if the concept of “too much to think about” is something that is floating around in the universe at the moment, affecting more than just me? The reason I ask this is that this moring when I woke up the above poem came to me, and the moral of that story is that perhaps it doesn’t pay to think too much? Now before going to be I recieved an email from a friend with this great music video/song with the chorus of “too much to think about” – in the song titled “Statistician’s Blues”.

I like the theme of statistician’s bluesStatistics have been a real source of blues for me over the PhD journey (click here to read about it!), but I must say that it has also led to some good things such as understanding some of the data i’ve been working on a bit better, and working with some cool statisticians! Either way I love this guy Todd Snider’s song – it’s a real winner – thanks Todd! (and thanks Celie for sending it to me 🙂

And if you don’t believe that there are some cool statisticians out there – check out this Swedish professor called Hans – what a passionate dude, and a very interesting talk!

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