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Just Try


When ever you feel like you can’t,

Or you shan’t,


Just try!




Because one day you will die, and wouldn’t it be good to know you at least gave it a try?


We don’t have to make it perfect,

For life is a continual game,


And the is no shame in participation,

In fact, success is failure turned inside out,


Even when you sing, it doesn’t matter if all that comes out is a shout,

For it is the ‘spirit’ of the activity that matters,


In realizing this, your perfectionism shatters!


For there is plenty of time for getting it right later,

Right now you need to enter the crater and start!


So with everything you plan to do,

Just start it now,


Don’t think – just do!

And soon you’ll be through,


Making progress like a trooper,

Everything will be super duper,


Because you will have removed ‘doubt’ from you vocabulary,


Recognizing that the only real failure is to not give it at try,

So don’t be shy,

Just give it a try!




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