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Truth is the answer


Truth is the answer,
It will take us there,
If we dare to look inside and find the gold,

Don’t be put off by what we are sold,
For now is the time to be bold,
Before we turn old,

This is what I have found,
The vision is all around,
What’s more, it is profound.

4-12-12 great meditation session yesterday with Bassam. The practice of increasing awareness has profound effects – it is simple, harmless, and beneficial.

S. N. Goenka related that Buddhist philosophy taught that there are 4 possibilities that can arise with humans in this world, and two directions of movement – the choice is ours. People are either born into ‘light or darkness’ – but where we are born doesn’t matter – it is about where we ‘chose’ to go.

We can move from darkness to further darkness, or from darkness to light.

We can move from light to darkness, or from light to further light. No matter where we are born or what our current situation we can always chose to move towards light.

How is this possible? By looking upon our situation positively, and acting with kindness and love no matter what comes out way, remembering that love alone dissolves all fear.

Is this easy. In my experience – No, but it is imminently possible, it involves the practice of awareness, which allows us to not get caught up in the eddy currents if the mind

Follow your truth as often as you see it or feel it. The more you look for it, the more you will feel it.

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