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“2012? The Soul’s return to its rightful kingdom in the life of Wo/Man – Bassam Younes” – Commentary and Reflections.

Recently I created a Facebook group titled “Bassam’s Meditation Group“ to commemorate and support a meditation group that I have been following here in Bondi, NSW, Australia., run by Bassam Younes. I have found that regularly sitting with a group of working people from the region, who are from all walks of life to be conducive to both my health and well being. The meditation practice that I have developed, has been augmented by these sessions, has really helped me through a difficult time in my medical and academic career. For this I am very grateful, and this gratitude is my motivation for sharing some of these ideas with you.Following on from the last article titled, “Will something happen at the end of 2012?”, I have decided to include some excerpts from Bassam Younes’s abovementioned original article along with some of my own reflections.


To discuss some of the ideas in the article further, I thought I’d include excerpts followed by reflections.

The current blog post looks like I had an interview with Bassam, but don’t be fooled by this appearance, as it was not the case! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve picked bits of your work in this way Bassam! (Please let me know if this is the case and I will gladly modify the article to just include my commentary!)

Bassam Younes Article (BYA): I first heard about 2012, it was described as, “the end of time”. I remember thinking, How exciting! I knew from my meditation experience that time is a product of outer reality, which is a projection of the self.

Bishan’s Reflection (BR): I can relate to this, as have always struggled with the concept of “time” myself, and I have found that it exists only in the realm of the mind. When I am doing something I love (such as talking to someone who I love speaking with, surfing, playing music, working in the emergency department on a good day, or writing) then time seems to stop! What does this mean? I’m not sure, but if there is an end of time this would at least be interesting to me – I couldn’t say if it were a good or bad or bad thing– as for me these words are largely a ‘mind-made’ phenomenon.

BYA: A google search on “2012” will return over 25 billion written articles on the subject. That’s 25,270,000,000 results. Not even sex comes close, returning a measly three billion. What!! So what is this fascination with a date that’s approaching fast, only a few days away.

BR: Wow – this is a mind boggling fact. Perhaps we should make this 25,270,000,001 with this blog post!

BYA: Only linear minds are incapable of extending beyond the constraints of their box to consider the relevance of 2012. And it is these sorts who are hashing up their ridicule and are at the ready to administer it when the time comes. What they miss, however, with their all knowing attitudes, which is no different than the attitudes of those whom they dismiss as simpleminded, is what 2012 has already achieved: 

BR: I cannot agree more. To me it is interesting that the world we live in is focused upon ‘linear progression’, which is perhaps only one side of the coin. In the experience of my own life, linear progress (or regress) has been scattered amongst a series of quantum leaps (both up and down). 

Birth and death, are the two most dramatic examples of how life can progress in a quantum manner. In the same way each new day, to me seems like a day that is different in a quantum sense – so on this basis the 21/12/12 is likely to be a quantum shift of global consciousness that we have never seen before. But by the same mechanism, perhaps with ‘every single day’ that passes there is a quantum shift of global consciousness? However, maybe the difference here is that the attention of a large proportion of the world’s population may be tuned into this particular “calendared transition” than has been previously recorded?  

“So what!” I hear the critics yell!… read on and see…

‎BYA: “the average person lacks inner gold [read soul]. Suffering is his/her lot. We as a society will go on neglecting our inner development at our peril.”

BR: I have noticed this in my own life, which is why in 2006 I took a quantum leap and decided to take a huge risk with my career which was promised to me as a safe linear path in emergency medicine training, and “follow my heart”, in the name of inner development. It was one of the scariest and best things that I have ever done in my life. Through taking this plunge I discovered experientially this personal truth;-

“always follow your own dreams as life is too short to follow someone else’s dreams”

And, I discovered through this interesting journey (that is still unfolding) that my inner development was about the benefits of slowing down from the ever-increasing pace of life”. This is something I still struggle with and is a daily challenge.

The flip side of the same challenge is to realize that “Life is not a race, but unfortunately we live on a race course”I have written about part of my journey in a popular and educational medical blog called “Life in the fast lane”, (appropriately titled for this discussion), because I wanted to provide voice for those of us within the medical profession who relate to these statements, but perhaps struggle, as I often have, reconcile the wisdom of slowing down with an increasingly “output focused” work culture.


Another piece of “inner development” for me was the discovery of my self realized ‘purpose’, which was “to be at peace with myself, and help others achieve the same”.

From that realization, I have found that all the work, all the relationships I make are just a vehicles for this aspiration. When I move away from this goal, I usually feel prolonged physical and/or emotional pain, and realise I’m going off track, and perhaps heading towards “Peril” as the article states. I think it is easier to spot others who clearly heading towards their own peril by going off track or working too hard on something they don’t enjoy or find meaning in, but it is harder to spot one’s own self destructive path!I mentioned the trials and tribulations of following ones own dreams at a motivational talk I gave this year at a Sydney doctor forum called “Global Health Drinks”. I talked about inner development, but perhaps one of the most important parts of the talk, which could be easily missed, was the sharing of my personal experience of the perils of “going off track”, even when following one’s own heart! Perhaps, being aware of suffering, as guidance of living a healthier life, is a practice that is worth developing – no matter which path one takes?


BYA: Much to the contraire of the fear-mongers and doom-sayers who abound and who would have us believe we are in dire straights, there is more conscience today on the face of this planet then ever before.My conviction is that human history itself has been a lead up to this point, when we can sit together and converse. This was never possible in the past.

BR: I agree. All things said and done, we now live in a new era where sharing of ideas, and integration of knowledge and wisdom (should we chose to do this) has never been more possible. Exciting times eh??

BYA: Will something happen on this date? The question is for whom? 2012 is a spiritual call for soul revival. The communication is this: Lest we create the right societal conditions that inspire genuine love, care, and personal enlightenment, we shall descend into lower levels of despair, apathy and shame.

BR: I can relate to this. I’m not sure if I am more sensitive to the spiritual weather conditions now, more than before I opened up my heart and expanded my level of consciousness through meditation, but I have noticed great shifts, on a daily basis over the last year, culminating to the highest it has been, at least for me, in the last month. This doesn’t mean I feel less pain or have less down times, and have more highs and more up times, rather it means that perhaps I am just more aware of “all of these states”, and I have an ability to realize that these conditions are not really me, but instead, they are happening “to me” or “through me” and I have a chance not to react to them.

This increased awareness has also allowed me to connect more with creative channels of existence. For me it feels almost as if my soul has commanded me to write more music, draw more pictures, and write more poetry. It is hard to explain, but at the same time perhaps “experience” can go beyond explanation.

BYA: The 2012 conversation is endemic. Sit anywhere and you will hear someone discussing it, for or against. Presently, as I write this, the ladies on the table next to me in a cafe in Bondi are discussing Chi Gong, Yoga and Meditation.

Something will happen on the 21/12/2012 to those who have eyes with which to see.

BR: I agree, whether this is “hype” or not, whether you are a skeptic or a believer, the conversation about consciousness is now more widespread and “ripe” than perhaps it has ever been before.

I personally believe that in the new era which is developing (no matter where one draws a line for the beginning of it), there will be a lot more emphasis on the “power of love” over the “love of power”, and perhaps this can set a stage for the modern day visionaries of the human race to make greater positive change from within the planet. As for the 21st of December 2012, just like the new years day of every year, and other annual festivals, I believe that this day will be a “point of focus” for the collective consciousness. I am not aware of the evidence of this, but what’s there to lose in a little bit of positive faith? Perhaps it’s the fear of failing that holds us back? But as one wise friend in Sri Lanka who lives by a river in Kundasale once told me “Isn’t the real failure in life an inability to give something a go?”

So what I would like to propose is that perhaps we can be the decider of our own fate and thinking up a wish and aspiration for this day.

I’m gonna be meditating on “Love”, “inner peace” and “World Peace” on Dec 21st – How about you? What change would you like to see in yourself and the world around you?

Best of luck – and may the force be with you!!

Peace out – Amigos!

Ps Thanks again in advance to Bassam for his original article, and for being tolerant of my commentary and reflections!

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