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Will something happen at the end of 2012?

My answer is perhaps, perhaps not?

Either way, it is a very interesting topic, and one that is exciting as we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar.

I have recently been attending meditation classes with a person called Bassam Younes. On the surface he seems like a regular bloke, and in fact he is – but perhaps what strikes me as special about Bassam is his ability to tap into a wisdom, that seems to transcend logic, through the practice of meditation. Is this a unique ability that Bassam has – I don’t think so, and I believe we all have this ability if we are only willing to commit to a practice that leads to peace and insight . Does this sound like ”airy fairy stuff”?? – Perhaps, but perhaps not? Either way, this article is just a bit of fun so why not see where it takes you eh?

So thanks Bassam and to the group members who I have been “sitting” with for the last few months, and also thanks to Teljya Oka-Pregel, my friend from Bondi, who was an environmental sustainability consultant, who initially introduced me to Bassam’s meditation group.


(image taken from below website)


I would recommend reading the article called “2012? The Soul’s return to its rightful kingdom in the life of Wo/Man” on Bassam’s blog titled “All about meditation” – with the apt url (internet address – forgive me for the use for jargon!) of “http//junkresidual” , the term he attributes to ‘thoughts’ that seem to occupy our consciousness on a regular basis!

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