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Victor Steele (Uwagboe) – “Factor this!”

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a fellow emergency doc who was a passionate musician at the “Social Medial and Critical Care Conference” (aka #SMACC 2013) and have been meaning to write this post ever since.

As the story goes, I randomly happened to  sit next to a guy at the conference dinner who wanted to talk about nothing else than “music” and “dance”. Being a keen ‘salsero’ and guitarist myself, we got on like a house on fire and realised that we even shared many of the same friends back from Wellington, New Zealand where I grew up, and where Victor had first travelled to from the UK.  Having friends in common is always a blast, however, the thing that inspired me the most about our encounter that evening, which inspired me to write this post, was finding out that Victor was not only a dedicated emergency registrar working in Sydney, but he was also an up-and-coming singer/songwriter, and a very good one at that! But don’t just believe me, have a listen to his SoundCloud page for yourself;-

After a good conference dinner where the dance floor was suitably attended to, Victor mentioned that he was spending the next day recording some tracks he’d been working on, and sure enough a few weeks later he sent me a link to his new EP Called “Factor this” which had his debut 5 tracks, which intrigued me further…


When he sent me the above link in a text message a few weeks later I bought the album, on spec, because by then I already knew that I liked his music from listening to his SoundCloud page, and ever since i’ve been enjoying his tracks on my iphone as one of my pep-me-up ‘study playlists’.

Actually, I liked the music so much that I left these initial comments on the iTunes feedback page;

“Great Debut album by Victor Steele. This album by Victor is packed with smooth sounds and easy listening lyrics, which for me creates a nice jambalaya of rock and R&B. Great lyrics about love, and some deep tunes with universal messages (eg check out the track “never learn”- one of my favorites) – I hope u enjoy this download as much as I did!

Being someone who loves upbeat rhythm guitar, and soulful melodies, this music really struck a chord with me. I also like the themes of love that are embedded in the lyrics, in quite a everyday humble way, and this is backed up by “blog stories” of each song (which are linked to the tracks in his SoundCloud account).

Last thursday, was his EP launch in Manly and we checked it out. It was a great performance –  great voice, great music – Well done Victor! I would love to check out the next gig – keep us posted ! 🙂

 victor steele 2

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