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Dogs run wild


Dogs run wild
Dogs run wild,
The winter weather hits so mild,
Upon the cheeks of my soul.
Sunshine fills my heart,
And lines up the path,
To a magical and mystical destiny.
Many bridges have been crossed,
But the paddock still seems lost,
Drifting into the eternity of time,
Dissolve seconds with a breath,
And move beyond the test, 
Through a dimension that leaves all  worries behind.
“Look” and “Ye shall find”!,
As the dog run free from bind, 
And then you’ll know that all we need is LOVE.  
21/8/13 sitting in this beautiful park where I feel the mystic charm of possibility for knowledge and dreams, which are more real than thy seem!
When time dissolves, the universe opens up!
Just now I was touched by a nice person in the coffee shop. 
I walked down for my usual afternoon coffee break, and then realise when I went to pay, that I had no money (I’d left in such a rush because I just needed some fresh air to get away from the writing and mental effort).
“Oh no!” I said, almost thinking aloud as I reaching into my jacket pocket and found it empty, “I think I’ve left my wallet back in the office” I continued, as my whole body started to make an about turn… 
But the friendly Barista standing in front of me stopped me short and said, “well… we can take it out of here” (pointing to the tip jar), “as long as you remember to put it back next time”, in a relaxed way.
“Is that okay!?”, I said in astonishment, but also in deep appreciation, like a kid who’d just been given a birthday present. 
“Why sure, you come here everyday”, she justified with simplicity.
I was so touch by this act of generosity, and the complete turn around in my “assumption system” about people in big cities, and people in Sydney. 
Thank you so much for that that random act of kindness – it really made my day, but more than that- it touched the world in some small but big way!
(Well i’ve had my coffee, said hello to the park, and seen the dogs run – now it’s back to the office!)
Peace out
Bishan 🙂

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