Life is not all bubbles

Words from an amazing journey, by amazing friends who are an inspiration to us all! good luck Dini and Pablo and family! 🙂 x

Sailing Yoga Family

After a week of limbo in Lisbon we have taken a leap of faith. We bought flights to the Azores and accommodation for all four of us. It wasn’t the rejections that were hard to take. These were almost to be expected on the ridiculous offers we had made. But waiting for people to get back to you to decide on your next moves entails a certain lesson about patience and humbleness.

Now it was our turn to throw the dice again. The Moody 425 we saw yesterday in Sao Miguel was either going to result in a high high, or a low low. Given that this blog post isn’t labelled ‘Our boat’, you guessed right, it was the latter. Typical of our experience with brokers, we had been assured that this vessel was in great condition, ready to go. What we found was a boat which hadn’t been touched…

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