Have faith

Have faith when you least can see clearly,

This is when you must believe the most,

Be willing to fall flat on your face,

And fall again,

Crawl again,

And persist again,

Resist the shame,

And then… exist again,

For after the storm the trees remain,

Just as they were.

And when everything was a blur,

You still remembered to see,

Inhaling through your breath,

Inciting wisdom from your depths,

“To exist is enough”

So please remember these words,

And cherish them well,

For one day….

They may be your ticket out of ‘hell’.




Happy New Year and dreaming big in 2014!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2014 – may all your dreams come true!

I hope the new year is starting well, and you are on your path to your dreams, no matter what is going on. As we enter into another beautiful year of hope and promise, I have two songs and one poem to share that have all come in the last week…

Merry Christmas (war is Over) – John, Yoko, Bishan & Sanna

Merry christmas (war is over)

This is a random saturday morning Jam that Sanna and I had getting into the christmas spirit in sunny Bondi (Sanna on guitar and me on vocals) – this beautiful song by John and Yoko is both timeless and a gift to the world – thank you guys!

youtu.be/XPm3CWvDmvc (inspiring music video on the original of this song)

Dream Big!

Dreaming big

This is a song that came to me in the moment as I was heading off to work 2 shifts in the emergency department whist still having to finish a conclusion chapter for a long overdue PhD thesis – sometimes things look impossible, the pressure too big, but then ….I remember the dream!

The message came to me Relax, Accept and Be kind to yourself – and let the miracles flow.

“It always seems impossible before it’s done” – Nelson Mandela