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Dreams and Reality

To travel is to be free,

The allow our consciousness to see,

That we are not trapped in our minds,

But at the mercy of what one finds,

On this wandering path of life,

So when we dream a life without strife,

It can cut like a knife,

Through the deception of our misbelief,

For “this” the real thief in understanding,

What truly stands before us,

And whether you agree or not,

Reality will neither deny nor ensure us,

For “we see” what “we believe”,

And it works in that order

Positivity or negative is the habitual boarder,

As we chose the way of our predetermined destiny.


5-4-14 As Sanna and I set off on a trip to Melbourne for the wedding of Sri Lankan friends, something suddenly hit home about my own life and state of being. I am most at peace and in harmony when I am travelling in any form. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, but it is the activity of travel that sets me free. Perhaps it’s the state of “flow” that comes with travelling that does, but whatever it is, when travelling I seem to be free of the constraints of the mind.


This seemed to play out clearly for me this morning. Within minutes of hitting the airport at 6:45am, I started to notice the beauty of the morning sunrise streaming down through expansive horizontal cloud in the airport car park. All my worries; ongoing challenges of medical training, the never ending list of to do items that exist in the wake of shifting home, and of course that old chestnut called “the future”, were all let go, leaving only that old friend who I lived with when I was a child… “the present”.


All we had to do is get to Melbourne and enjoy the ride. Within minutes of hitting the terminal, whilst Sanna went to bathroom I had already struck up a conversation about travel with the people who standing in line next to me in the long and winding Tiger-air check-in line. The two fellow travelers who were directly behind me happened to be Swedish backpackers from the southern Swedish city of Gothenberg, a city that I’d briefly lived in a few years previously – the conversation started and continued to flow and with this the magic of travel had again begun. These two were on holiday travelling through Asia on to Australia, and had just spend time on a surf-camp near Byron Bay Australia. Imagine their surprise when this Sri Lankan looking New Zealand sounding Australian resident asked them the question “Hur mar du?” as soon as they said they were from Sweden? After Sanna returned to the airport check in line, there were introductions and then some non-stop Swedish banter until we hit the check-in – yet another free language lesson for me. These random conversations underpin the joy of travelling for me. It’s the sharing of experiences and the discovery of new things quite by chance. To me this is freedom, and this is where dreams and reality coincide.

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