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Don’t be afraid to fail

“Don’t be afraid to fail” – wise word by Arnold Schwartzenegger – body builder, actor, politician, and “visionary”, and also one of my childhood heroes. These quotes are captured in the 3-minute video clip attached to the link below;-

I’m so grateful for the above message was sent to me by my amazing cousin Dilini Ratnayake, because it a pertinent reminder that  about what is necessary to succeed in living the life of one’s dreams.

“Don’t pay attention to those who say that it can’t be done”, Arnie wisely advises.

Another key message in this clip is to ‘work your butt off’ and then one day  ‘you’ll get there’.

I agree.

Having a dream alone is not enough, for one needs to take action in the direction of their dreams.


I once made a presentation on this very topic to junior doctors, at the global health drinks forum a couple of years ago. The talk was aimed at inspiring those who were  interested in doing international to take the plunge and set out on their adventure,


Like so many visionaries who manage to out their dreams into action, Arnie, was a person who had to first believe in himself, and suspend self-doubt. I believe every successful person and had to at once stage move beyond doubt, and perhaps continually ‘has to’ do this.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela


I once tried to capture this same sentiment through a poem called “suspend disbelief” which I’d like to share here.

I wonder if it resonates with you? One doesn’t have to write a PhD or being a doctor to know the trials of life – I believe these challenge affects us all no matter how big or small the task at hand – living life is a task after all, and it is all relative.


I see this challenge everyday in the patients I meet in the emergency department and I relate to their struggle on a personal level.


Thanks again to Dilini for sending me the reminder, and for sharing her spirit of positivity and success!



Suspend disbelief


Suspend Disbelief,

Suspend that thief!


For he will steal all you have got, and more,

And still, he can never even the score,


Because what you can’t do amounts to a mountain of things,

So why not focus on what you “can” and then sit with the kings?


For anyone who has triumphed first had to believe,

And this way you will “earn your keep”, without having to thieve,


After all, you already have what you need,

For when you were born you were given the seed,


So plant it now, and grow your tree,

Until you do this you will never be free,


Why not do what you came here to do?

“Believe in yourself” and the marvels will ensue,


Just be that deaf frog one more time,

You can make it through the grit and the grime,


For in the end, all that can be done will be done,

And all that can’t be done, wont be done,


So relax and rejoice in the knowing,

That when you are flowing, you are growing,


By letting your branches take you away,

To a “place of peace” where you can one day stay.

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