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Truth and Love

Truth and honesty,
Will take you through,

Even though numbers may be few,
Who dare brave this path,

But if you stay afloat,
You will gather momentum on the raft,

And as the speed does build,
You will create a new guild,

Of those who speak their “truth”.

And even if you fall,
Tumble or hit a wall,

You can never lose it all,

For if you so much as ‘get up’,
You will stand again,

Just feel the hope,
And move beyond the bend,

For after all “Love” is the only way.



This morning I started my day by watching two inspiring and life-changing TED talks. This sounds profound but for me any for of education is transformative and this is the very reason I have chosen a life of being educated and educating.

I am very grateful to Julian Treasure for his talk on the power if using ones voice to effect change, which outlined the cornerstone principles of Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and Love.

I am also very grateful to Glennon Doyle Melton for sharing her story with encapsulated the brutal, shameless truth about life with its conflicting yet synchronous traits of despair and beauty.

Both these talks echoed truth and love which was the inspiration for my poem.

The talks by both speakers deeply resonates with me. I also related to the childhood realisations of Glennon of being a sensitive soul on this earth, and have observed the strategy of wearing masks (or capes as she put it on her talk) in order to try and protect the vulnerable within.

These days I often take heart in not being alone, for I believe a large proportion of humanity who have made a similar realisation that a tornado of feelings lies within and traverses our consciousness moment by moment, however, perhaps the difference lies in the awareness of this phenomenon.

This belief that others have noticed to some degree is not just my opinion, but a hypothesis that I am evaluating through the observation of many writings, images and videos that I have seen posted in increasing frequency on the Internet and in books.

I am especially grateful to the tool of writing and the advent of social media for these reasons.

In my opinion social media is neither good nor bad – it has the potential for damaging harm or great healing – the difference lies in how we use it; and perhaps the first TED talk provides some useful principle upon how to positively exercise ones literary, or multimedia voice?

So in conclusion, if you are also a sensitive person, take heart, for you are not alone and you are not cursed.

To the contrary, if we can learn to ‘accept’, rather than ‘react’ to the natural flurry of feelings that haphazardly circulate within, perhaps we are ironically blessed.

For me, this is what “mindfulness training” is all about.

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on this article if you have any.


If have truth and love within,
Do not despair,
Instead find a kind forum,
And learn to share!

Adios amigos




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