Health, Happiness and peace of mind

Health happiness and peace of mind,

This is how I unwind,

From the stressors of life,

That sometimes run rife,

For even when you manage to free some space,

The hours fill up with haste,

But trust me this doesn’t make it a waste,

For the whole world can sometimes do with a pause.

This you will not find written in a clause,

Of a contract or a curriculum,

As modern work ethics have advanced to a riddiculum,

And pace of life has sped beyond comprehension,

Causing newfound confusion and tension,

But I know the cure for this apprehension,

Is to stop, relax and breathe,

Then you can see again clearly,

The life that we love dearly

Is perhaps a life of “Peace”,

Where worry and thought momentarily cease.





This poem came to me in a moment of stress, searching for time, however, the solution to the problem came a few days later in an early morning surf. This is what I posted to facebook on the day of that discovery;-

Thursday/surfday: nothing like a surf to wash away the stresses of modern living

Short story: When I suggested an early morning surf to my friend Steve last night I never expected him to give a call at 5:30 am to say “dude, I’m I your driveway” – what a legen! Thanks for the surf Steven Barker – you made my day!

Have a great day everybody – surf shield on !!

 at Towradgi Beach.

So I guess the real trick is “how does one get take that pause?”

Perhaps jumping in the ocean is just one strategy?


towradgi surf

Fry Day Drama #1 The Inagural

Here is a new project with a lot of promise that I came across…

Fry Day Drama Club

Last Friday we had the inaugural “Fry Day Drama Meet-up” – this is an idea that started from a conversation that Tony Chu and myself had two weeks prior that included combining teams of promoting a number of themes including hospital worker wellbeing, medical education, and improvement of patient care, using the things we love to have fun with such as creativity, acting, filmmaking, and medical educations.

Over the next few days following frenetic email correspondence between Tony and myself, a bright picture began to appear. Iconic ideas were thrown around, and draft projects were formulated and eventually “Fryday Drama” was born; a collaboration where interested individuals with diverse backgrounds from film, to those interested in medical education and the humanities would convene and have creative some fun together. What would become of their work is an evolving journey that you can either be part of, learn about, watch and appreciate…

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