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Dear doctors, be kind to each other.

Kindness is Key!

This blog post by Dharmaraj Karthikesan is like pure gold – laden with courageous statements that ooze of wisdom! (like the one quoted below) thanks Dharmaraj 🙂

The health profession needs more docs like you!

“We often excuse doctors who are bullies because they are ‘great with patients’ and are ‘brilliant clinicians’ or ‘gifted surgeons’. This hurts the profession more than you can imagine.”

read on ….

Dharmaraj Karthikesan's Blog

I met a young doctor who used to work under me recently. I had just completed my night rounds in the hospital and I was leaving for home.

And then I saw him. He was unkempt, exhausted and appeared famished. Worst of all, he looked like a man who has totally given up on being a doctor. He appeared hesitant when I asked him what was wrong, but I could not just leave him there.

After much persuasion and insistence on my part he agreed to join me for a late supper. While he ravaged through his first proper meal of the day, he finally opened up. He has started working for the past week in a new speciality. Though the hours are longer, it was not an issue. He was well aware of the sacrifices he was expected to make.

However, the degradation, humiliation and constant harassment have finally taken…

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2 thoughts on “Dear doctors, be kind to each other.

  1. Bishan, Hello from Ireland. I like your attitude. Look up “Reachme @ Rachel or Rachel O,Brien for a wonderful composition re “The Journey is the Destination”
    Keep right on!”

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