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An intention for 2019 – the power of “letting go”

The power of letting go

Letting go,

Is to go into a flow,

A state where you know what there is to know,

And where going slow, is okay,

For beyond what you say there is always “how you say it”?

And what about holding still,

Rather than simply chasing the next thrill,

For perhaps life is more than the bitter pill,

That you must swallow,

Emptiness is never hollow,

When one sees the nature of all that is.


Eternal bliss is within the grasp of all,

If you are willing to take the fall and tumble,

Insteady of wanting to rumble for the greatest prize,

For in every deafeat there is a subsequent rise,

Beyond perceptions of power and size,

Happiness is but sorrow in disguise,

For only the wise know what is truly real,

And perhaps this begins with knowing “how we feel”,

Only to watching it change like the wheel,

Revolving and evolving,

And experiencing the beauty of the moment,


This is when we have learned to let go,

It is not the end of the show,

But rather experiencing our performance stripped bare,

With or without flare,

And regardless we share our wisdom with the world,

A world where awareness comes with peace.


A new year, and reflections that follow. As this is the first post of the year I feel the pressure of expectation in the form of a feeling, and then I acknowledge, relinquish and let go.

I think the most profound realisations happen unexpectedly. For me, 2018 has been a significant year, one where there perhaps has been a development of a little bit more of inner awareness. Of course, there was the challenge of getting through my Emergency Medicine training which was an incredible personal achievement, and one that was a long time in the coming. However, there was also the discovery that the challenges of life do not end at this point. The true nature of life is that is every evolving in complexity, yet there is always the opportunty to stop, reflect and change perpective. This perspective comes with taking a moment to stop, sit, and be with onself.

This is the awareness, and habit that I was fortunate enough to discover in my mid-teens and further developed in my early 30’s. Put another way, this habit encompasses the ability, no matter how pressured I felt at the time, to take a moment to stop, and notice my breath. It sounds crazy, but in that moment there is promise of complete peace. In that moment one can realise that greatest questions of life remain unasked, and simultaneously answered in a language beyond words.

Perhaps it may seem like I am writing either complete giberish, some kind of cryptic code. None of these options are my intention. I do not profess to “know anything” but rather am trying my best to shae what came to me when I just now sat in silence of 10 minutes (referring to a short sit before writing this post).

In this space I realised that I had oppened a door to my subconcious, which seemed like a multidimensional repository of knowledge, wisdom and magic. Magic in the sense that it was increadible to see what lies beyond the surface, something that could not be predicted (in a way that the analytical mind is so skilled at doing).

Just a few days ago, on the 2th of Jan I had the opportunity to partake in a “Dhane” (a daily giving ceremony to help the monastic community survive) held at the Santi Forrest monastry in Bundanoon (in NSW, Australia). It was a great gift to be able to hear the Buddhist nuns and monk speak a few words of wisdom before eating the food that was uncerimoniously offered to them, and then partake in the shared meal. I was also able to set quietly in the coolness of the man made gave, nearby the main monastry building. This took me to a space I have longed to re-visit for some time now. On this day i had two separate sits, where I noticed my breath for 1 hour at a time. In that moment of spending time within myself, away from thrill seeking holidays, work and a never ending collection of “to do lists” which can easily infuse one’s semblance of a peaceful life, there was a momentary shift in my perspective of life for the better.

A reflection on 2018 , and an intention for 2019…

So looking back at 2018 , I am compelled to make a comment about three books that changed my life for the better. Brene Brown’s “The power of Vulnerability”, and Kaushik Ram’s, “The hidden world”, and the most recently completed book called “Letting Go” by David Hawkins.

I could write at length with reflections about each of these books, but perhaps in a conglomerate summation I can say that in their own way this – the secrets ourselves and the world that we experience also lie within ourselves. I am grateful for the teachings that I inferred from reading/listening to these books.

We can easily be burdened by negative patterns of thinking that often operate at a subconscious level. There are strategies to overcome this and perhaps it will not be readily accepted by the thinker within us, for perhaps it is this very process of excessive thinking that goes against the very thing that we are seeking, in my case “the path of inner peace”, and perhaps “letting go” is the vehicle that can help us voyage down that path.

I certainly don’t profess to know the answers to the questions of life, but what I do know is that I have an intention and aspiration for 2019, and that is to take a step down that path.

What is your intention for 2019?

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