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Love and Gratitude – seeing the light

Looking for the light,
For it is always there,
Rising up from behind the ocean,
Knowing it will break through the clouds of despair,
But even though they are there, It’s the cloud that has its own flair,
As the light creates patterns through distraction,

But don’t look too long, Or you will get lost,
Instead look inside yourself and become engrossed,
With “awareness”, See the changing nature of life,
And the transformation of “strife”,
Nausea, pain, fear of the future,
Whatever it may be for you,
Then see it turn it into something new,

Perhaps something exciting and inviting?
For me it is hope.
For with hope comes the belief in something good,
Like a monk who draws back his hood,
Only to see with new eyes,
The same picture, only with meaning,
For love is all around us,
And gratitude is the best way,

For it is not what we say, But rather “how we say it”,
And not whether we win or lose,
But “how we play it”,
That makes the impact on our own humanity as well as theirs,

And this is not just for them, but for us too,
For when we look with these wise eyes,
We never see just two,
Because there is far less difference between me and you,
Than we can ever imagine,

For beyond what we may think,
Is what we already know,
So connect with your inner glow,
And understand the blessing that you are already living,
Life with all it’s twists and turns,
Life is what will take you beyond strife,
“Love” is the vehicle, and “Gratitude” is it’s fuel.

27-5-19 Birthday Poem after my morning meditation. Grateful for the day – May all beings be well and happy.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-26 at 07.05.01.jpeg

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