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Fear, Hope and Courage – 2021

Here’s to 2021,
The new year that has just begun,
On the journey that need not be won

For each step we take
Is more than “make or break”
It’s about moving beyond the fake

To the truth that we find inside
Looking inwards fear cannot hide

Beyond the courage of our heart ❤️


All the best for the year ahead!

We started in a fortunate way, a day trip out to the top of a lovely waterfall with friends .

The serenity of nature, and the Forrest is healing, as is the power of water, music and friends.

My heart goes out to all those people who are restricted, and don’t have this opportunity right now. We feel your pain, and with you, for we are all connected in one way or another.

Here’s to hope, and here’s to the courage to face what lies ahead 💪🙏💕

Always look for the rainbows, even in the storm (especially in the storm)

This post was also inspired by a video by Jay Shetty- a poetic reflection of the year 2020; powerful words, and deeply insightful ideas.

I wonder if 2020 is the mark of a global nation, and more interesting a shift in humanity towards “The journey inward” ?

2020 Reflections

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