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The magic of travel

Travelling again,

A trip almost thwarted by rain,

But certainly not in vain,

For with a journey comes the courage to succeed,

And the realisation that life is not a race,

Nor is it a test,

But rather an experience,


Plunging forth in a caravan,

New beginnings,

New ways,

Exploring nature,

Family fun,

And meeting people of like mind and heart,

The travel quest already won,


For perhaps it is with the first step we take,

The intention and the courage to try,

That exceeds a life living for next “buy”,

Instead remembering those special ones who mean the most,

Even when they are gone,

Thinking of those people and things we love and then making a toast,


A life we experience, and a life where are present,

So why not paddle around that crescent,

And see the sun, the moon and the ocean,

Which is setting and rising both at the same time,

Look within, connect with your divine, and most and no matter what enjoy your day

It will be just fine.



Just got back from a lovely caravan holiday, and about to get back to the hustle bustle of regular life. Feeling very grateful for a trip a way with our little family – Sanna, myself and Ella our 14 month old, out in the throes of nature, at Lake Tabourie in NSW, Australia. We had 9 days planned, but couldn’t get away on time, due to torrential rains in NSW. Our house was flooded, thankfully not too badly, but we almost cancelled the whole trip. We also experienced the rapid deterioration and death of a dear friend who had become very unwell with age and illness over the last few months. It was great that we could be there for his wife in small way in this difficult time.

The weather was looking foreboding, especially for us who had never towed a caravan before, or gone on a camping trip with a baby. However, in the end we decided to take the plunge when the weather improved and we do not regret it one bit, for to us “Travel” is an integral part of our lives, one that we have missed so dearly in recent times (like so many in the world during this pandemic).

So with this brief post I wanted to celebrate a little, joys of taking that plunge, and re-entering into the “travel mindset” with a few photos that captured the spirit of what was so special. Time away with family, time spent in nature, doing fun things like playing in the water, surfing, and paddle boarding, seeing sting rays, walking on the coast, cooking outside, meeting other travellers and making new friends, and connecting with old, jamming under the moonlight, and of course the adventure of not knowing or controlling what is going to happen trial and tribulation – and loving both in the same way.

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