Fry Day Drama #1 The Inagural


Here is a new project with a lot of promise that I came across…

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Last Friday we had the inaugural “Fry Day Drama Meet-up” – this is an idea that started from a conversation that Tony Chu and myself had two weeks prior that included combining teams of promoting a number of themes including hospital worker wellbeing, medical education, and improvement of patient care, using the things we love to have fun with such as creativity, acting, filmmaking, and medical educations.

Over the next few days following frenetic email correspondence between Tony and myself, a bright picture began to appear. Iconic ideas were thrown around, and draft projects were formulated and eventually “Fryday Drama” was born; a collaboration where interested individuals with diverse backgrounds from film, to those interested in medical education and the humanities would convene and have creative some fun together. What would become of their work is an evolving journey that you can either be part of, learn about, watch and appreciate…

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Developing EM – Brazil 2014


I really wanted to help out with the DevelopingEM conference because of the great philosophy behind this international educational collaboration.
Lee Fineberg and Mark Newcombe, are both Emergency Physicians (EP’s) with whom I work, are passionate about the international developing of the EM specialty, and have been working on the DevelopingEM conferences for years.
Three things that I have away about the “DevelopingEM” conferences from research I’ve done on the topic, and the recent interview that I conducted include that ;-


1) this conference is not about about being flashy, but rather it is about “walking the talk” 


2) it is about sustainable development of the speciality of Emergency Medicine, and 


3) it is about respecting, honoring, and supporting the existing local structures in EM training  (throughout my experience of 4 years of conducting research in Sri Lanka – whilst also supporting EM developing – this is a key strategy that can so easy be missed or overlooked)


Finally they also have a plan to repeat these conference through the same regions in a 4 year cycle – ie the conference structure is set to be sustainable, and one that we can all build upon. 


Natalie Thurtle is a past conference delegate who is also committed to the cause of developing the speciality of EM globally. She is also someone who I have worked with in the past, and someone who has herself conducted some amazing work through MSF involving the management of environmental poisoning epidemics in Central Africa. 
Her recent blog post highlights some of the unique aspects of the Developing EM conferernce from here perspective. Below is an excerpt (but the entire article is a good read);- 



“Many conferences focus on the practice of medicine in an ideal fully equipped setting with the assumption that practice is scientific. For me, recognising and understanding the political and inexact nature of health care provision – inequality of access, inequality of standard of care and the undue influence of corporate needs on research and guidelines, as well as pragmatism in the face of limited evidence, limited expertise or limited resources and our own fallibility – is a critical part of being a real physician.”



I hope the video and link offers you some informative and interesting information! 


Peace out




Celebrating success

Celebrating success,
Is perhaps the real test,

Cherishing what has been already achieved,
Instead of allowing the glory to be thieved,

By the next goal,
And other reasons for not feeling whole,

Instead be in the know,
Like a boarder gliding through the snow,

With awareness of life’s ebb and flow,
In the act of a single breath.


Two days away from the hustle bustle of emergency medicine and I feel like a new person. A little meditation, some surf and hint of life music has such a healing touch. Sometimes in the space between the business and intensity of an active work-life lies the balance that perhaps we all strive for. I by no means have found the perfect balance, but I feel that I am moving towards it experimenting in with work, and relaxation in a variety of forms. It is a daily practice rooted in breathing and the exploration of philosophies that brings meaning into my life.

Sometimes the philosophy needs to be tailored for the specific context of our lives, and this is why I particularly like Shaun Anchor’s guide to happiness for those of us in the pursuit of greater knowledge and skill. Shaun’s revealing findings (about the culture where high achievers can easily be fixed on the next goal without appreciating how far they have come), shed light onto why I had encountered challenges in the past, and provided some tools on how to tackle the present moment without too much focus on the future.

I remember watching this TED talk years ago and it having a profound effect on my own perspective of goal setting and my present relationship with success as I had defined it. After all we can always find our own definition of success, and it doesn’t have to require a definite endpoint. To date the best definition of success I have come across has been one that I heard from a person called Earl Nightingale who was a motivational speaker from the 60’s

“Success is the step-wise realization of a worthy ideal”



Truth and Love

Truth and honesty,
Will take you through,

Even though numbers may be few,
Who dare brave this path,

But if you stay afloat,
You will gather momentum on the raft,

And as the speed does build,
You will create a new guild,

Of those who speak their “truth”.

And even if you fall,
Tumble or hit a wall,

You can never lose it all,

For if you so much as ‘get up’,
You will stand again,

Just feel the hope,
And move beyond the bend,

For after all “Love” is the only way.



This morning I started my day by watching two inspiring and life-changing TED talks. This sounds profound but for me any for of education is transformative and this is the very reason I have chosen a life of being educated and educating.

I am very grateful to Julian Treasure for his talk on the power if using ones voice to effect change, which outlined the cornerstone principles of Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and Love.

I am also very grateful to Glennon Doyle Melton for sharing her story with encapsulated the brutal, shameless truth about life with its conflicting yet synchronous traits of despair and beauty.

Both these talks echoed truth and love which was the inspiration for my poem.

The talks by both speakers deeply resonates with me. I also related to the childhood realisations of Glennon of being a sensitive soul on this earth, and have observed the strategy of wearing masks (or capes as she put it on her talk) in order to try and protect the vulnerable within.

These days I often take heart in not being alone, for I believe a large proportion of humanity who have made a similar realisation that a tornado of feelings lies within and traverses our consciousness moment by moment, however, perhaps the difference lies in the awareness of this phenomenon.

This belief that others have noticed to some degree is not just my opinion, but a hypothesis that I am evaluating through the observation of many writings, images and videos that I have seen posted in increasing frequency on the Internet and in books.

I am especially grateful to the tool of writing and the advent of social media for these reasons.

In my opinion social media is neither good nor bad – it has the potential for damaging harm or great healing – the difference lies in how we use it; and perhaps the first TED talk provides some useful principle upon how to positively exercise ones literary, or multimedia voice?

So in conclusion, if you are also a sensitive person, take heart, for you are not alone and you are not cursed.

To the contrary, if we can learn to ‘accept’, rather than ‘react’ to the natural flurry of feelings that haphazardly circulate within, perhaps we are ironically blessed.

For me, this is what “mindfulness training” is all about.

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on this article if you have any.


If have truth and love within,
Do not despair,
Instead find a kind forum,
And learn to share!

Adios amigos




Artistic Solitude

The serene surroundings,
Echo a warmth from within,

And in the stillness of being,
Awaken’s the voice of inner calling,

Enthralling… as the “to-do” lists may be,
We first must be blind in order to see,

What is beneath the surface,
Perhaps our true purpose,

But either way generosity and kindness are the key.


I just had the good fortune of staying with old friends at an amazing house located within an inner city suburb of Sydney, and in the last 24 hours have experienced a taste of architecture and creative homeliness. This couple has put a lot of effort into designing and crafting a beautiful home, and it has been a privilege for me to see the journey unfold.

Last night I stayed in the guest room of their house but it could easily have been a boutique hotel’s main room. The interior designs beautifully wrapped around and with the house exuded flavours from all over the world including, Morocco, France, China, Tibet, and even heritage Sydney.

For me what really added to the experience of this place was the depth of the art that surrounded me. Whilst it would be feasible to professionally hire an interior designer to create a luxury space along similar themes; such as world travel, antique artifacts, and local heritage, there would be something missing which was ever present in this home – a “depth of authenticity”.

Reflecting in this mornings solitude when I had the place to myself was an awareness of surrounding art that was more than mere decoration, they actually exuded elements of a couple’s personal travel adventure, and home planning that had exceeded 10 years. I remember staying in this very house almost a decade earlier, whilst the new house designs were simply a blueprint coyly displayed on the corridor wall, where it seemed like a dream that may or may not eventuate. But the quest had already begun with items from trips to Morocco were being stored in parents garages, during numerous trips to Europe, whilst doing the classic “Aussie – UK OE” (overseas experience, or Work abroad program).

I’m sure many travelers have had dreams like this, to take bits of the travel that compose such fond memories, and embed these memories into a more conventional life on the other side of the world, through the medium of art and interior design. However, few that I know have actually managed to pull it off so well. It’s been a long road but I can proudly say that you guys have done something amazing – well done Romesh and Geetha – thanks for having me over again – I love the way that this dream has panned out!

Balmain 1

IMG_5164 IMG_5165



Life Is A Theater – A story which I think you all will LOVE!

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If there is one quote I say more than others it is “Birds of a feather flock together”.

This meaning is something that affects our life and what we do with our lives. I think the company we keep is VERY important with the makeup of us and how we behave.

A few years ago during a motivational speech it was openly discussed that if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. It’s quite simple and I think we can all see the logic in this, right?

If you want to be good at a particular sport, surround yourself with people who play the sport!

This is true of positive and negative people; if your company is negative it’s not rocket science to wonder why it can affect your mood!

Below is a story which I think you all will LOVE! This really has helped me understand…

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Don’t be afraid to fail

“Don’t be afraid to fail” – wise word by Arnold Schwartzenegger – body builder, actor, politician, and “visionary”, and also one of my childhood heroes. These quotes are captured in the 3-minute video clip attached to the link below;-

I’m so grateful for the above message was sent to me by my amazing cousin Dilini Ratnayake, because it a pertinent reminder that  about what is necessary to succeed in living the life of one’s dreams.

“Don’t pay attention to those who say that it can’t be done”, Arnie wisely advises.

Another key message in this clip is to ‘work your butt off’ and then one day  ‘you’ll get there’.

I agree.

Having a dream alone is not enough, for one needs to take action in the direction of their dreams.


I once made a presentation on this very topic to junior doctors, at the global health drinks forum a couple of years ago. The talk was aimed at inspiring those who were  interested in doing international to take the plunge and set out on their adventure,


Like so many visionaries who manage to out their dreams into action, Arnie, was a person who had to first believe in himself, and suspend self-doubt. I believe every successful person and had to at once stage move beyond doubt, and perhaps continually ‘has to’ do this.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela


I once tried to capture this same sentiment through a poem called “suspend disbelief” which I’d like to share here.

I wonder if it resonates with you? One doesn’t have to write a PhD or being a doctor to know the trials of life – I believe these challenge affects us all no matter how big or small the task at hand – living life is a task after all, and it is all relative.


I see this challenge everyday in the patients I meet in the emergency department and I relate to their struggle on a personal level.


Thanks again to Dilini for sending me the reminder, and for sharing her spirit of positivity and success!



Suspend disbelief


Suspend Disbelief,

Suspend that thief!


For he will steal all you have got, and more,

And still, he can never even the score,


Because what you can’t do amounts to a mountain of things,

So why not focus on what you “can” and then sit with the kings?


For anyone who has triumphed first had to believe,

And this way you will “earn your keep”, without having to thieve,


After all, you already have what you need,

For when you were born you were given the seed,


So plant it now, and grow your tree,

Until you do this you will never be free,


Why not do what you came here to do?

“Believe in yourself” and the marvels will ensue,


Just be that deaf frog one more time,

You can make it through the grit and the grime,


For in the end, all that can be done will be done,

And all that can’t be done, wont be done,


So relax and rejoice in the knowing,

That when you are flowing, you are growing,


By letting your branches take you away,

To a “place of peace” where you can one day stay.